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*dusts this thing off*


OK, then, uh, hi. I was trying to recall something and came back here and, um, yeah. Anyone else still around?
Hanataro - @.@

On The Road Again

I've arrived in lovely Commerce, GA, home of at least a dozen or so fast food stores. I'll be busy for at least tomorrow on-site, after that is dependent on how things co-operate.

In the meantime, free wi-fi! Let's see how badly City runs on a two-year old Intel laptop GPU.
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Envy - Phone

2011 In Very Short Review

Or 'The Year I Nearly Fell Off The Face Of The Earth.' I blame Kodos MMORPGs.

Not that I'm quitting my games, but I really lost contact with everyone. So Resolution #1 is trying not to be such a stranger to everyone - especially in my offline life.
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Michael Does Not Approve

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One moment I was typing in Livejournal, the next it was as if I was now writing in Facebook.

Well played, LJ staff. Well played.
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WTF Comrade

what is this i don't even

I checked my Gmail this morning to find three invites to Gmail. Yo dawg. And then came this message from the same guy:

'hi there friend! i'm harry! nice to meet! i realy want the sonic cd argentinean soundtrack to have to listen to my friend! please post a download link for all the soundtrack and send it to me at harry.halloween@hotmail.com or give me the link to download!'

Given that the invites were sent to 'spiralpegasus' I'm thinking he must've picked up my email from this account. The rest... I have no idea. Welcome to Tuesday.
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